Monday, December 1, 2014




We Would like to invite you to become a part of
our Community :D

6 Days fully automated auctions Box just pot in your Transferal stuff
and set the first Bit by paying the box yourself    :D
and then the LUNA auctions Box handhold the rest

  LUNA auctions Box is free..............
LUNA Commission is only 16%.....
The Display place Rent is Free :D

if u enjoy Great RL/SL FunPark Rides
we hop u com support us, and
kip coming beck to check the many new Rides
that well be coming all year :D
and next year :D



 In the Garden off SL Harbor La Luna Bay City we have a Debate Circle :D
    here we will Debate on all Subjects that doesn't brake with the SIM,s ( M ) Status ;)
    Other then that anything goes :D


LUNA School 100% free to use
We have 2 nice and big Classrooms open to all who want
to teach anything goes :D



The Party Must Go On People :D
/人 ‿‿ 人\ 


 Sit at the LIVE Café and watch people pass by and chat with
friends & Family :D

And enjoy the:
♫ Live Music
♫ stand-up Comedy
♫ Poetry

 or join in when we have karaoke :D
or Play a Game with friends in the game room :D
Come have some fun in LUNA :D

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