Monday, February 17, 2014

LULUs Designs Profil

LULUs Designs is A SL = Second Life, Design Shop, I Design Fashion Clothing / Dresses / Shoes / High Heels / MESH / Textures / Shops & otter Buildings / City / SIMs  / Art / Vinyl Figurine / Teddy / Handbags & Shoulder Bags / Cars / Bicycles / Electronics like My LMP6, and a lot of otter stuff as I learn more and more in SL ;)

I Make a lot of Cool Stuff and it will all be in my Shops or on My MP = Market Place, and it will Get better and better ;) as I get better :D
And I always tray to kip the Prime-rate as love as I can wit out losing Details :D

hi hi hi hi I LOVE SL let’s all have as musts fun as possible yes hi hi hi :D

I alsow make costume House/Shop/Sim Designees
sow if u net any form of Design contacts →

And Plies late me now if there is any problems to ;)


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(: With LOVE form your LULU :)


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