Monday, February 17, 2014

:: Sim Rules ::

1♥   (: NO Drama Please :) ♥

2♥   (: Only Treat others like u want them to Treat u :) ♥

3♥  (: have fun & Relax here ;) ♥

4♥  (: VAMPs and others are Welcome but No Bites in Public please ;) ♥

5♥  (: yes we ar RP Family Friendly Sim, But NO Kids are Allowed in the
          Sim CLUBs or The LIVE Cafe or on the Topless Beach,
          And any kind of Sexual actions from Kid AVIs or Adult to
          Kid AVI will get u band from the Sim...
       ( If u seen any of the above things Please Report it to the Sim Staff TY ) ♥ 
6♥  (: NO Nudity or Sex in Public, Topless nudity is allowed in the CLUBs If
          Manager or Host Allows it and on our Topless Beach :) ♥

7♥  (: Please don't use to many Scrips or Particles on u,r AVI this causes Lag :)♥

8♥ (: if U ar a Troll Please see this Job:
         SL Jobs Live Stand Up Comedy artist            
       And Please be Nice Kay ;)♥
9♥ (: please tell others about our Sim ;D ♥♥♥♥

Kiss Kiss u all
From LULU (: lulu6kat :)

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