Wednesday, March 23, 2016

LUNA Community

We want you to come here and
feel at home and have fun :D
We want to be an active community,
but we need all you to be that ;D
So come hang around in LUNA
and meet new friends and
bring your friends here too.
And be active to start games
bring people in or make some events,
contact me LULU ( lulu6kat ) and
i will post your events on the Blogs.

Could be all from a contest
to a Race to a DJ or Live Music ?...
Or if you need a place to hold your
or yours friend's Birth-Day/Rezz-Day
And yes we got tons to do and see :D
riight now we're on a 1/4 sim :D 
+ one more 1/4 part :D
Wear we ar Building 
LUNA FunPark
LUNA FairGrounds ( for RFL )
have some nice Beach home parcels on it too
for all of you to rent :D

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