Friday, May 15, 2015

My SIM Dream ♥
Hey welcome to “ SL Harbor La Luna bay City’s Blog” the Base SIM of  “LUNA Rentals”
Our dream is to create a newer and better SL in SL :D
We want you to come here and feel at home and have fun :D
Sit at the LIVE Café and watch people pass by and chat with friends & Family :D
and enjoy the Live Music and stand-up Comedy & Poetry, or join in when we have karaoke :D
Play a Game with friends in the game room :D
Basically i am trying to make a Sim that has all that makes SL nice & fun, here in LUNA ;D
Also my reason for making LUNA, was that, I was/am so tired of all the negativity in SL,
it seams that on the Net and in SL today People act like in RL = meaning they Run
around in there own Ego-Bubble
for FX in SL it used to be when u meet some-one u stop and
say:(  hej :D )  &: ( where u from ? ) and talk for at least 30 mints...
Today people  walk past u...
i want to try and create a Strong Community hear in LUNA...
"( ♥ Please Help me to make SL What it used to be ♥ )"
♥ so please help me make a safe haven where we can have some fun and
Relax with friends & Family :D
"So please “spread the word” kayy ♥ :D
And if anyone wants to Partner – have a Main Shop – or a Extra Club here – or
1 of the many Jobs let me know, kayy :D
More INFO here on this Blogs about what is going on & Will go on in LUNA:
 ♥    - ( The SIMs Main BLOG )
Kiss Kiss From u,r LULU (: lulu6kat :)


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