Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hej all :) as you Properly all have notes by now the Sim is gone :(
this is because there was a payment Error in RL, so I was forced to give up :(
I could not pay the rent with 0Ls ;)  ,it should be back to normal now.

(: "So don't worry" :) we have been moving to a 1/4 sim
where we will start LUNA City over again with 3750 Prims

for now, then Expand later :)

yes :(  it is 2 years of my hard work going pooff...
But this is a new start to, so its ok Although I am very sad.
So i now this is good, this means more L's for fun Events in
LUNA so you will all benefit from it too I hope :D

And I must say I like the new LUNA Way better
and I know you love it to ;D

We still have all we had on the old sim just Smaller and better.

so we still have all that just more L's for it, meaning they become more Active :D
see the MAIN BLOG:

For coming info updates :)
LUNA city will start to re-open soon :D
We are planning to open Club NIO BUNNIES & the Live Cafe :)
The Live Cafe will have its grand opening-day on Saturday the 9 in 4 :D
so keep an eye open, on this Blog and:
for the opening dates :D

The Shops will start to move Back in next week :D
but if you are a fan off the 6L's shop thats one is already open :D
and My Main Shop LULU Designs will open soon too :D
Don't worry be happy you all :D
i hope u all support us in
the NEW LUNA City
So come and see and Explore :D
wear almost don :D

kiss kiss to u all from
LULU (: lulu6kat :)
and Happy Easter :D


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